Caravan Eggs is a venture enterprise from Jaskro Park. Jaskro Park is a working property found in the south west of Victoria. It is a family owned and operated property that has multiple enterprises one being the production of paddock ranged eggs making them true free range eggs. Our Hens that produce our fresh true free ranged eggs spend their days grazing on the productive soils on the property and have 24 hour 7 day access to fresh pastures, moving location once every 3 days. The Jaskro Park team hold sustainable agriculture systems and responsible animal husbandry practices as a necessity and require that the hens are as comfortable as physically possible throughout the year. The quality that is found in our eggs stems from these practices that are under taken by the Jaskro team.

We currently have 2500 Hy-Line Brown hens. . The hens lay their eggs usually from dawn until mid afternoon daily. They are very inquisitive breed of chicken and are always keen to see what is happing around their paddock. Both the Lohmann Browns and Hy-Line Browns have a caramel/brown shade of feathers, with white feathers in a pattern round their necks, and white feathers at the tips of their tail feathers.

The chickens are protected by our two Maremma dogs, 'Bonnie' and 'Clyde'. The chickens are by nature inquisitive creatures and bond well with Bonnie & Clyde and most other not threatening visitors to their paddock.